LinkedIn article

LinkedIn article

Let me take you back to South by South West 2007. Twitter had been launched a year earlier and users of the service were generating 20,000 tweets per day (currently stands at around 400 million per day), the clever Twitter team installed plasma screens in various concourses etc at SWSW and streamed tweets from the event. People started to take more and more notice and daily tweets increased to around 60,000. Twitter gained much coverage and from there continued to grow into the social media giant we know and love today.


All religions point to one God.

A friend posted an interesting article on Facebook today about an elementary school in Michigan that sent a note home to parents reminding them that during the upcoming field day, “The urge to win will be kept at a minimum.” In other words, everyone’s a winner and there will be no losers during the field day games.

I remember field days as a kid at my own elementary school and then, once I was a mom, being a volunteer parent at every field day from 2 grade on up. It wasn’t too long ago that as that class mom I saw a hearty spirit of warm competition between the kids and the different grades. No one was a poor loser and no one was an arrogant winner. Everyone spent the day supporting one another and they all went back to school happy, hot and tired.

My dad used to teach the 5 grade and every spring there was a softball game between the 5 and 6 grades. To this day these now grown men and women remember the competition and the laughter and the healthy rivalry they all shared. And guess what? It didn’t mess them up or lead to struggles as they grew up. Where did that idea ever come from?


This “everyone is a winner” mentality is becoming so common and it makes me wonder how anyone can grow up without learning how to do their best.

It sure won’t help someone later on in life when they try to find a job. A company isn’t going to pass around jobs like trophies. Later on, if they are lucky enough to get hired, the playing field will shift and they will find to their shock that not everyone will get promoted.


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